Install Office 2016 In Windows 10 Video Tutorial

Install Office 2016 In Windows 10 Video Tutorial

  Wow - Office 2016 is now released and we show you how to install it on Windows 10. This is the install from the DVD/ISO and should take about 10 minutes. To solve the 32 or 64 bit error we also show you what you need to do.  
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Hello and welcome today's video okay in today's video were unarmed be looking at how to install office 2016 the latest version in windows 10 which is also the latest version it's a very very straightforward process only does insert the DVD or if you download an ISO arm online okay and you got your license number okay all you really need to do is play will just shown on this PC basically you have your DVD drive inserted or the ISO mounted orderlies do was a stubble and I are so is this okay some people have some problems arm what we have seen is if it doesn't recognise the correct processor this click into the office box and then choose a 32-bit or 64-bit processor and a otherwise normally basically all you really need to do is ask double-click on that and it starts running okay when assessed running it comes up with this you just click yes on at a time we won't go just redone that and 11 orange boxes says getting ready and they it moves on to the stage manager starts installing all these programs okay we'll be back when said the next point.

Okay and now once it's finished it does take some time obviously and there only click close and office has been installed now you need to shall we say set up with the product key okay I would do that arms is very simply you cared for example open up word okay if you can find on the list open word okay and then go for the Word 2000 16 okay now it comes up with enter your product key over here you would need to enter your product key with your letters and numbers you should have it either by an email et cetera et cetera maybe it was even with the box saying the product you purchased okay I'm new computer for example I okay we will enter our product key and we should show you how it looks once a okay after that's gone through we then have this except that okay and then basically if you really want take the full bands are far Microsoft Office you my one assignment your Outlook account et cetera Hotmail, those stellar which have and then you can sing documents back and forwards and then Willis open up a blank document to give you a quick run through of what your new office 2016 should look like this in the new interface.

Let's quite nice looks quite nice rear three little bit slow on our system because we are multiple operating systems running at the same time as it says server okay and then we go this is what staring word okay hopefully the is nice and majestic X are PowerPoint PowerPoint and Excel for you guys okay earn choose anyone there are and this is the new interface for PowerPoint 2016 mation slideshow review to okay this was reared hallowed check to see if it is activated basically over here and it should be that one per se is product okay and then if you want to do any updates you calm update if you Wanna sign anything assign there again as from the last one thing will Cisco X-style data you have your template and you can search online and also that come pre-installed again fairly similar to 2013 is a little bit more crisper okay you can obviously have your one now single and everything else and hopefully the result thanks for watching

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