Microsoft Access 2016 Add Custom Currency Signs and Symbols Video Tutorial

Microsoft Access 2016 Add Custom Currency Signs and Symbols

  Microsoft Access normally uses the currency sign of the region setup of the computer. For those that use other currencies that are not as per the computer's settings it can be difficult. Here we set a custom format to add a any currency symbol. This is a very easy a quick method that can be used without having to change the region settings of the computer.  
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Hello in this video work on our show you very quickly how to create a custom currency sign for your access database because normally it takes the currency format of your system. For example, if you're using a US system give you dollars. Maybe my give your euro as well. If using a British symbol British computer you might have the pound symbol, et cetera let's assume you work in multiple different currencies, so you just open up a access database over here were disconnect through currency type that's fine as you can see starts off as a dollar, you can change the format to memory Euro, but when I dreaded at what we are actually do is give a custom field format with out case so let's just change this.

Give it a title and then overhear is's format get rid of currency and now you need the symbol okay arm that say Indian rupees okay, so go to Google trying find the little symbol which is easier rather than try and find the code for it okay and then just pasted on base and then give the space and then we have a ##and then eight, and there we can have shall we say another two using the wrong key. There we go down there and have it as the default stance over the same number now you can have the decimal places as auto it will round things up on the screen or you can choose a number from the drop-down by going over here and it'll give you hammy decimal places you want shown. Okay, so now need to go back to our view, and as you can see you got a Ruby on their and the default was there, let's make this 100 RA and 1000, and press enter and we got lucky to Sir zero there we get and that a less simple way off. How do diverse cousin currency symbol. Hope this helps. They were watching

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