Server 2016 And 2012 R2 – Add and Configure DHCP VIDEO TUTORIAL

Server 2016 And 2012 R2 - Add and Configure DHCP VIDEO TUTORIAL

  In Windows Server 2016 and 2012 R2 we can add a DHCP server that can automatically allocate IP addresses to computers that join the network. In this video we show how in add that role and also how to configure it and also use reservations to assign certain computers static ip addresses.  
Transcript (machine generated so it contains errors)
Hi, this video looks at how to set up a DHCP server okay down a host configuration protocol server that basically the makes it easy to assign IP addresses is to other computers that Wanna join the network at a rally in you having to manually configure IP addresses for them. They can – I was a click into the planning of the land and then basically the computer will send a broadcast and then it all given IP address and can be automatically considered all without any human intervention. So basically in summer 2016, and to the 12 are to a fire are several manager okay, we get this manager by either clicking on this icon over their audience original 16 is relevant here. Fixer manager or an integral 12 eight the start section where using a Nikon okay stroller – were okay and Rosen features next okay select a server that anyone in solid on like a in this case we only have that one is just a demo okay and features happy next next next okay always good practice. Click on their restart the destination server automatically regret.

However, if your computer handles Bible stuff running on it. Bad your server as well. Running on it. Dad cannot be showcased stop at this moment, then don't think that okay install okay now the installation has completed. Now we need to configure it okay. Click next okay use administrator or alter Dave credentials to basically authorise it okay commit okay and is done is done, authorisations done," okay, now we are going to configure our DHCP and server okay am using DHCP manager baseless lives that we can IP version 4 as doing with new scope next decade given a name, a name that is appropriate. Let's call their stardom land. One day okay and then we give a start IP address and an IP address in this case will take 192 1680.2 and IP address 19216 a Zero part 115 can ascend the mask is ultimately been chosen. Yes, that's correct one. In this case, okay, now we need to have any exclusions and delay okay will exclude later okay for now, let's go ahead okay Lee's duration. How long do you want the client computers to have an IP address and having lots of clients coming and going, you might Wanna reduce it. If you having clients coming in staying for a long time the computers on changing that much harm.

The dialogue on the network, then you might Wanna increase it or find another identifies eight will go with that. Yes I Wanna configure DHCP options okay based on the route in this case 1680, one, added next okay that's fine. Okay, atomically diagnose a wins server. You could say that automatically adds that next. Yes, I want to activate the scope now finish that's fine. Okay, we might Wanna have some reservations okay and what do we need to do we need to have the MAC address so over here we go into their the scope okay and reservations new reservation and were denied gave this as server sales are six okay hand aware, given IP address of zero and 30 the MAC address is exactly what we have over there when we type in IP config all in power shall okay, so were Galanter 000 0155. The other was 5D5D01 and that was D3 one for the 314 given any description. If you want to see the server okay add and now we have another one that we want to do and this is 31 and the MAC address from that we are now entering okay, we'll get that an Internet okay. Once that's done okay we will go to our other computer, and basically show you how that works over the in the other computer.

What we have carelessness close all these okay if we go over there and click open network and sharing and then that and in properties and IP version 4 properties you see it as obtain an IP address automatically specify the DNS server okay, which is the server that basically is the land DNS server that also was aware of the DHCP server okay, so we specify that again obtain an IP address automatically. Click okay to close click close. What that will do okay is automatically puts the okay if you can see again. We had several reservations for servers. It is fibre to this computer okay and we had given the MAC address in their desert. We just shown an automatically given 31 to us. Becca, so this is how it works. If we had not specified a reservation, it would have given any number from that server pool range that we had created okay, so hopefully this is helped and thank you for watching

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