Server 2016 And 2012 R2 – DCDIAG Check If Active Directory Is Registered In DNS Video Tutorial

Server 2016 And 2012 R2 - DCDIAG Check IF Active Directory Is Registered In DNS VIDEO TUTORIAL

  A quick check to see if Active directory is registered in the DNS. If it is not registered correctly then AD will not work. Using the DCDIAG command we can check if active direcotry is setp correctly with the dns server.  
Transcript (machine generated so it contains errors)
Hello a very quick garden video to show you how to check to see if your DNS server as your active directory, the domain controller are registered in DNS correctly. Very simple is just this command. If you open a partial okay arm power shall okay and they're not shared with their right click on that run as admin okay and then basically run this command DCE diagonal/test: register in DNS space/DNS domain: and then basically name of the domain and then space/fee to do that and it comes up saying basically past tyres registered in DNS okay everything is good okay if he doesn't then it's time for some say diagnosing and repairing your DNS server regarding your active directory set up okay. Hopefully this is helped. Thank you for watching

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