Server 2016 And 2012 R2 – DNS TTL Cache Time Change (Improve_Network Performance) VIDEO TUTORIAL

Server 2016 And 2012 R2 - DNS TTL Cache Time Change (Improve_Network Performance) VIDEO TUTORIAL

  In a network environment the DNS server is responsible for ensuring computers can communicate with each other. If the cache is old then the ip addresses that are in the cache will be wrong. At the same time if the cache is refreshed very frequently then they will be a hit on the network and the server. This video shows how to modify TTL to improve network performance.  
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Hello, this video were gonna have a look and DNS TTL time to live settings okay and how we can affect our basically the client computers connected to our server and our several soulmate I get very simply okay. Had we get there. Okay, let's start off by going the server manager. We go there in services and 16 hand. Click on all apps brings up several manager or in services and 12 is on the start or in here. Okay once we open it. We have our DNS on DNS, right click on our DNS server for a DNS manager okay and basically my have lots and lots of zones twos a zone that you want to have an impact on and then right click properties. Some of Daugherty and we get there. Okay if you are constantly shall we say, changing computers and IP address are constantly being released and like it is being given on a very, very rapid basis. You might Wanna changes from one hour to 5 minutes emanates a few seconds, depending on how rapid your environment changes okay.

However, it does increase the amount of DNS traffic going on, which can take a big hit. If you are having a vague organisation with lots and lots of computers doing lots and lots of DNS traffic at the same time okay if we don't have too much changes taking place in our environment. If most of our computers are already set our band their IP addresses. Basically, are gonna be shall we say, almost static okay for a day two days after the day goes with it you might Wanna increase this number. Okay hand by changing it by Shelley sake, making it day okay or five hours, you reduce the amount of DNS traffic and this can improve the general overall flow of things in certain environments. So is deathly work. I like playing around with his best down. The default is one hour. Okay, so given the short and hopefully helps you watching

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