Server 2016 and 2012 R2 File Server Resource Manager – add and configure VIDEO TUTORIAL

Server 2016 and 2012 R2 File Server Resource Manager - add and configure VIDEO TUTORIAL

  File Server Resource Manager is a Windows server 2016 and 2012 R2 Role. This role allows us to add fine grained quotas on folders, it allows us to automate windows file tasks e.g. clean up a directory every week etcetera and it also allows us to use file screening where users can be prohibited from adding certain files to folders and a lot more.

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Hello in this video were can I have a very nice look at how to basically add the file server resource manager. Okay, that comes within windows server 2012 also to the 16 and were basic I see how to then support for those and share files, rename and then automate the number of file class and also look at how the warnings can be issued a notification except right so we start with ServerManager, which is very easy. I connected with their excellent manager that opens up this and then were adding a role or feature, click next. Okay, and then that's fine. And there we go file and storage services. This one right over here file server resource manager. Okay, add the additional features are required. Click next. The next okay in this case, restart the destination server automatically if required. It's just arm a Gird, shall we say basic will do this, however, if your servers running mission-critical systems that cannot be stopped. Right now, don't let it can stop once that gets installed. We now need to basically manage our file server. Okay, let's arm, shall we say, start with is okay. Salicylic tools file server resource manager okay. That brings us to this and then basically quota management okay, and if you click on that you can create quota okay apart.

For example, we had a new folder created a garden PC desktop new folder. For example, you could have a network share anything you know you as an example of a simple following your okay grey: pad arm, you can basically create the limit template okay or set individually. Okay, let's go custom properties. Okay, this is where you can choose how many megabytes kilobytes gigabyte, terabyte, et cetera you are have the quota for give a description for it. Okay, let's say I am are documents can argon as basically once the limit is reached, the user can go pass it software. It just gives warnings okay and then actions can be taken place that I can us to a hard quota okay, and that's fine. If you want a similar kaleidoscope of other test on auto apply template note, that's fine. Create okay, so the custom properties of the template template name and basic is fine. Click okay. Create and now we have this setup. So basically a any playing went to the file is more than 100 MB of the trying similar this okay, let's look for properties was making something simple share. Let's pray 1 MB in case I'll go find a file is 1 MB cake will happily disks.

Pick one up from the windows directory okay to do. There we go bad in itself says or makes is try and pasted into our new folder. There we go and we have got the error and that which says sorryokay even though we have enough space in your build. The quota page been restricted McAllister show you what the soft quota will look like okay okay, so we can see that went through am basically what we need to do is to ensure that were actually notified of such that users are 'those are whatever okay. We need to basically adequate properties sets a notification threshold. Okay, you can have either have an email message gets and basically the event log gets the message. Okay, I am you can actually run a command a script arm. If you have something that you might want to run for example. Basically, if you're getting close to the limits arm run a script that deletes files in our PowerShell script day command prompt script, that's fine, or just basically generates a report that's fine. Okay, an email message might be nice.

Okay, send an email to the admin email, type in their okay also send an email to the user who exceeded the threshold okay, and you can change the body of the email. Okay, so that is what would happen in the event of a software be broken output as you can also add the same events to be generated right so let's look at the next topic that will look at file screening, which is actually quite a good system to use look at that now. Okay, so let's have a look at file screen. Okay file screens. There we go create a file screen and then we can use for example, the same thing that we had before. That's in desktop new folder okay block party and video files.

Okay, you can use existing templates for example, image files located on a stop videos, MP3s arm: take a lot of resources and space for example, you might block them being added also has copyright issues that you might want to think about arm if you want I can I really, really can I eliminate all sorts of things based on custom properties. Okay, let's go there. Okay, so active screening.allow users to save unauthorised file is a little bit like a hard and soft) is reeling allow you to save files hours monitor, report may be generated, et cetera okay credit new group okay file group. For example da.others has already is an example okay if you know why people to shall we say, say the same files, or they had.exe files enough for, so any filename that has an EXE extension will not be allowed to be saved to that folder that we set up okay. Now, at the same time. Okay, don't forget arm.

This does not prevent users from changing the extension of their EXE file. Okay, and this saving it as a different extension and it still gets saved to add new folder location what this does is of the has an EXE. It won't allow to be saved over their okay. But the users can bypass it, but they will be able to have a change the name to an EXE and have an EXE on okay. That is XEQ 10 V can give the name right and then start.exe goes on with their okay. My mistake. I there we go and now we have executables again, which we created so then we also have the same setting is like before an email okay to the admin email also the body of the message event log can be generated. Okay, you have SMTP service running is thus that okay event log okay.

Basically, Sen the event log command prompt. Okay, run a command as developments before this one little thing to be aware of if you have anything running a command scripts, et cetera if you run it as the local system. It can be quite dangerous again is like giving full permission to that script to be run. So, for example, when in and modify that script. Okay, and then it was run with the highest privileges, it could be a security issue, so just be careful without again report you have as well. Okay, this is true that okay, so that's how you do that and then create new curd traders a custom template okay to save the file screen that putting a template okay there we go. So we have that are now we have explorer.exe skipper that you must try and paste them back there we get and it's blocked it case happen because an EXE file.

Okay, so that's how we can do file screening. Let's have a look at the next option, which is how to automate certain file tasks. Okay, now let's look at how to create a file management task okay where you can basically set are any complex scenario based on shall we say hello file as being in a folder or based on shall we say, just file extensions are whatever the game is up to you and you can combine arm PowerShell script. You can also combine command arm batch files. Okay, so what you need to do is going to file management tasks and preserve file management as the clicking on that in the local a window okay, and looks a little bird like this okay. However, we are criminologists sometime and in there, you would type the name, the task name and you give it a go. The scope arm which folders will apply to. We are given it the new folder to stop. Okay, this is an example okay with then broadened executable which the command prompt.

Okay arm command.exe and given the arguments in speech marks to lead *.* you could change a star.exe started MP3 okay giving aid the quiet command, et cetera okay now run as LocalSystem well as LocalService. Okay, make sure if you are running is local system. It is actually completely lock down that file is currently running okay arm is now example of a year, so it is doing a lot of you could have set up conditions. Okay, for example arm if the file has been 10 days old, or three years old. Whatever then do the action okay modified last accessed assistance set up a schedule okay. We had set the schedule for it to operate 12 1150 okay either weekly or monthly to the David were run the time, et cetera or run continues. Basically, this is a continuous some task is basically, if anybody uploads an MP3 file, it will detect an MP3 file and delete that nothing okay, so click okay. I and one thing we have noticed from this is because goes into the task you okay. It doesn't often happen effective immediate okay, so you might thing we had set up for 1211 okay AbiWord happen stroller time again skewed and it will take place sometime when the task scheduler gives a chance to run again because a lot of things running in the background as well as they are generally go away, come back, you know many fight is whether it's run.

Okay with like you might have them running at the same time, depending on how busy your system is so that will run when a Sahm being processed and then you'll find our whatever was in our folder over here we describe a sample new text document.takes it all be true that some time and that's generally how to use the file server resource manager okay, management, file screening okay. You could have report as well, and the file management tasks and we've shown you how to use it by having reports generated when a task is run arm how to notify people where an aliquot is the reach broken, et cetera so hopefully result. Thank you watching

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