Server 2016 And 2012 R2 – Join Active Directory Server To Domain – Video Tutorial

Server 2016 And 2012 R2 - Join Active Directory Server TO Domain Video Tutorial

  It is possible to have multiple Active Directory Servers joined to a Domain and each AD server can have a backup and or a replica of the Master Active Directory. It is a very easy process to join an AD server to a domain and set up replication. This video shows how.

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Hello in this video, let's have a look at how to arm join an active directory, the server make a two the domain that already has an active directory site basically adding extra active directory server into a domain and the enabling application. I get so we've already installed active directory. Our DNS server okay, am but we have another configuration again if you want to know how get to this is a previous video that we have am the Stephanie work and I get so we basically click winding figuration that brings us up to promote the server to a domain hand. Here we go. I doubled the lot up-to-the-minute okay, so we're basically adding a domain controller to an existing domain. The existing domain is's Ninja that local and with some of our DNA tests to basically ensure that its reaching our domain controller that's very active hand thankfully is founded okay, so we basically do windows into\and and their minister now carry the password that should be there and this is founded thanks to our DNS server being set up okay. Basically, if you are now is basically over here (sharing the car and the network properties again this I believe the four properties. Make sure that you set the DNS of simpler that will you in a static IP address because of your domain controller like a sound that's fine, and so cancel cancel cancel select that. Click okay.

Click next and then basically give paid directory services restore mode, password okay can be anything and were keeping it simple and say that's normal. That's fine. Okay replicate forearm any domain controller or specify a domain controller where the replication will come from. You could ask basically if you were halfway across the world plan your domain controller was the others in the world rather than expensive hair traffic happening. You could have had a shall we say file stored and then basically use that to install, but in this case were discovered replicated at the forearm are lands domain controller ad says all checks past click install. This will take a few minutes and then it will restart okay now it has restarted and basically you were in server manager with regard active directory domain services, right click who uses computers and you will notice that literally everything that was on the other domain controller has been replicated in this instance it was only a demo. So basically, there wasn't that much. Okay, so was very quick and light transfer however of 1000 different organisational units, et cetera, et cetera I think bit longer time, but still not too much, so hopefully the result. Thank you for watching

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