Server 2016 And 2012 R2 – Reverse DNS Zone Creation Video Tutorial

Server 2016 And 2012 R2 - Reverse DNS Zone Creation VIDEO TUTORIAL

  We use our DNS servers for changing domain names into IP addresses. Sometimes we might want to go from IP addresses to domain names. This video shows how to create a reverse DNS zone so that we are able to change IP addresses to domain names.  
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Hello today to you in today's video will have a look at how to set up a reverse lookup sound and DNS. Basically what this is is when we type in name power shall carelessness, eczema, shall we say we Wanna find the IP address staff, a company DNS have all surpassed by us giving and it turns it into an IP address and reverse look up is the exact opposite. We type in an IP address and we want the DNS server to basically give us back the name of that domain okay as an example, let's have a quick look over here. Okay then S look up okay and then set type equals pointer okay and now we have a server server 005 or even this case 006 has an IP address. Okay, so let's just type in 192.16 8.0 .30 okay, now if we had a reverse look up, set up, it would come back and say its call services are six now, that's not there, so we need to go into DNS manager who do that we open up server manager in the server to the 16 it's click over there.

Click over there and then click on that okay in server 2012. The words via start screen or in ways that so we now have this and then this opens up like that. Click on DNS, right click over there DNS manager then basically select the server that you have lots of the different here are those with setup for our demo environment. Okay, so basically now reverse lookup zones, user very simple. Next, make as a primary zone perfect okay secondary zone is like a copy zone, a backup zone stub zone the alligator cheaper version of a copy again next okay. See how you wander zone dinner replicated. Basically, this is a nice idea.the default of the year is quite good. Okay, next okay, each with an IP version 46. In this catering for now. What we do is we type in the first three okay first three bytes 19248168.0 okay, and they will be able to resolve all the others okay. Click next okay only secure updates that is ideal as this active directory and where widely secure. Now that's happily set up okay okay, now we can type in the address that we had before.

Handmade finds it okay. Sometimes it may not be instantaneous because this is a start, slowly building up all a pointers okay arms. So basically it. My require and restart a refresh or reload you now refreshes over there reloads over there okay and basically on our servers when they join up to the domain when they login it starts building up so over time. It started populated. Alternatively, if you want you can create pointers okay, it's B31 okay then in the hostname is server 205 okay. Do not take that one. Okay, it's not necessarily down to get assessed okay and they get paid servers. There is a five year given the full name like that, but soldiers are five days, from okay arm hopefully does help. Thanks for watching

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