Server 2016 And 2012 R2 – Share Files And Folders (with access based enumeration) Video Tutorial

Server 2016 And 2012 R2 - Share Files And Folders (with access based enumeration) Video Tutorial

Windows Server 2012 R2 and 2016 are used as file servers. This pivotal point of why a server exists is because files and folders and applications are shared. There is an easy way to do this using server manager. This video show how to setup sharing with the required permissions to ensure access based enumeration.  
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Hello a good day to you in this video, let's have a look at how to share files and folders over a network. In this way, using server 2016. It also applies to server 2012 as well, as were using server manager okay. Basically what we have. We already have done something in advance will credit the shared folders. Okay, and the Cisco here. See drive shares data files and will create two files again and there's a reason while got one invisible one visible the visible one. Okay is having certain permission set up again basically systems allowed administering is allowed okay and a user called Windows ninja is also allowed on the cake. The invisible folder is a different and I'm sure guessing what happening. Basically, system administrators, thereby not Windows ninja. Okay, now all we need to do is basically share out the top-level container for this. In this instance, recording data files, make a a computer anything so we go to server manager how we do that in 16 it's a little bit, but there server manager opens it up to thousand 1200 pin over here or it would be a start.

Okay once we get here we get to the main dashboard and that good file and storage shares and then you can click there, if the leading setup. Otherwise it's in class new share. Okay we can do an SMB share quick in this instance. Okay, very simple. Okay, because when our brilliant new shared system. Okay one. Basically, this does it create a folder on C post sharers, et cetera okay with only done that so was regular custom park where you Wanna go see it was in shares is called data files folder and click next. Okay, you can rename that okay. Remove the space and underscore whatever unit are a given description. Click next enable access base enumeration basically this is the little thing that you need to take by taking this what is visible and what is invisible basically for those users that don't have read access to a fire folder mobility even see it listed in that folder. I guess that's the key thing workaholics arm cashing of share it depends on how your system is if you want basically uses yoga have a local copy of the work. For example, go off-line. They can then work on it and when they blog back on it syncs up that can of concept attack and computer access. Definitely worth taking Armenian today's environment.

However, for the simple experiment with us. When I severed arm to join with us and I leave it with the first one. Okay, and age, giving a night three basic users, administrators, owner windows ninja, which is based on the inherited permissions for the high year folder, which in that case was shares. I think that was okay next okay create you commodified them over there. Previously the prompt create okay. Once that's done okay, you can now see it's there if you Wanna modify the properties offered you know you can go permissions change who has access to it doesn't have access to the main holder, change things around here, you can do. He can go over here and use management properties. Okay, depending on what you Wanna change over there okay, very simple that happy now will go to the client computer and have a look at how it appears on their screen. Okay, here is our client computer. Basically we have set up on our server where we had the share basically the network discovery, so basically network automatically finds it okay find the data files, click on there as you can see it's working as we wanted it to work and it's basically because permissions were given to one folder and permissions were not given on another fold.

Okay, providing you have that everything should work well. Sometimes we are cashing you can have folders that were previously granted, but then permissions move invisible for a while, maybe a reboot, et cetera and that it collate works itself out. Okay, hopefully this is helped. Thank you for watching

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