Server 2016 And 2012 R2 – Turn on Network Based Discovery Video Tutorial

Server 2016 And 2012 R2 - Turn on Network Based Discovery Video Tutorial

  Windows Server 2012 R2 and 2016 are used for sharing data. To easily find such shares the network discovery service in the advanced sharing section needs to be turned on. It is not a simple turn on like in Windows 10. In Server 2016 and Server 2012 R2 a few services need to be enabled from the disabled state and turned on first.  
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Network discovery is a lovely little system whereby the when you turn on on one computer. Other computers can literally instantaneously honestly see that you have got resources at your sharing, et cetera and they can see your computer and they can connect you et cetera without network discovery, you need to know there are computer names, server names, et cetera IP addresses to connect to them okay network discovery in Windows server 2012 and 2016. Okay. Comes with all of the same off again when you try and click on and save changes. It appears that it happened when you go back you actually see it's still off again now argue quick example of how Mimi had on. What does it actually do. Okay, were on a client computer. Then we won see what happens. Okay network is by clicking on their automatically found 7006, which was basically the server that had rediscovered and on him, click refresh you. No animal.

Finally they gave the kids. Finally, it almost instantaneously, and then you can go in there and see what's being shared, except okay, so back to how to enable the network discovery in server 2012 and to those on 16th okay, the first thing to know it actually all do the services being disabled are turned off. Okay, so services make a gave their and you need to make sure for main services are enabled cases give this little bit of time to list through all the services the first thing is DNS client okay, there we go, make sure it's running okay if a disabled whatever properties you know, change it to manual or automatic and then start the service. Okay, automatically at start-up. Every time manual you need to manually okay that was the first one, then we have function discovery resource publication. This generally comes disabled in the box but is once again, make sure you turn to manual or automatic announced at the service. Okay then we are SST, P discovery okay similar colour concept, make sure it is turned on to automatic and manual and he started okay if it's not started and the final one is you you B&B there we go, this one similar concept.

Okay, basically, make sure it's running a manual okay, not disabled. Okay this you can properly survive without as in seasonal running and still higher network discovery okay. However, these are the four things that Microsoft suggests need to be up and running, because once you have these things enabled and started okay all you then need to do is right click over there open network and sharing Centre had fun sharing and then very simply based on the profile. For example, private or guest public domain, et cetera what you want to do turn on network discovery and then click save changes and you will get the behaviour that was shown before. Thank you watching. Hopefully this is helped and you
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