Ubuntu For Windows Users – Install Ubuntu and Customise Video Tutorial

Ubuntu For Windows Users - Install Ubuntu and Customise Video Tutorial

  This video follows from our previous video https://youtu.be/g5YhZWKazhw This video shows you how to install Ubuntu in your Windows partition and also how to customise it to look like Windows and explains how to use the app store and also the free Libre Office.

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Oh and welcome to this video. Windows users who want to use Ubuntu, which was the UNIX operating system similar to Windows okay has lots of benefits primary benefit. It's a free operating system and it comes with lots of free programs and literally, you can run Windows programs within it. You can download lots and lots of three apps programs, et cetera, all of that. It's quite useful. Also, if you want to repair your Windows computer from outside the windows. You can use Ubuntu to do that as well. Okay, so this video follows on from our last video where we basically created a USB drive again this year, and now the show you how to actually boot up into that first thing is going to update click recovery and are we doing is advanced up once at start-up you click user device and the reason why we exited that is because rather than asking you to mess around with a harder way to get to your USB device and stomach without you'll see over here. It says the efi USB device we have other unifies et cetera that's because using a virtual machine, so we get a few more don't basically, it should be your thumb drive that you are looking for and when you click on that in the top and that once it boots up. Basically, you'll get this initial menu can try it basically just run Ubuntu and you get a feel for it without any changes on click the first option, which is there.
Try Ubuntu without installing and were install it, so click on that you might be wondering why would a little black Scythians on the site. Okay, the reason why is because were using a virtual machine to install it when you are installing it on your real PC, it will actually show full screen. Okay, now it has the language that you choose. For example, English, and then you can click on download updates while installing Ubuntu and this is quite nice. Click on that okay. Basically, the licensing requirements. You just need to take on it. No payment, no nothing whatsoever but this allows you towards videos and listen to certain kinds of audios et cetera that's all the firm licensing agreement to nothing special, and continue were doing in the simplest way possible. Which is basically install Ubuntu, along with windows are basically both of your operating system is Windows as well as Ubuntu will be running on your same computer. No special disk partitioning and all those things that is why many people are scared of you wanting to get it straightforward install again. There is a Windows user, you only one life click this button will basically wipe your entire computer and then install only Ubuntu okay if we accredit separate disk partition is an all that the advanced thing you could have done this, but wickedly a simple this is for Windows users. So that's what and as you'll see our virtual machine had 60 gigs. Okay, it can take up 22 of that for you. Ubuntu we could modify this that something else I could have changed that it is fair enough. Okay, Ubuntu can literally run on five gig you really want to push even less, possibly armed there we go, or from the raw DVD is running on one and a half gig so discreet yes were happy with how it automatically tells us again. This gives you a little notice saying he show you under this yet another warning there where are you you can choose the country, time zone, et cetera and then choose a keyboard you are using. Okay, let's find keyboard again for our US keyboard that were using that continue. Okay will give herself a name server username windows ninja okra password.
Once that's done you can also encrypt your data folder if you want to that's a perfectly good idea so all your data is encrypted, you can take that figure 1. I encrypt the data you can do something, it is fine from an able copy files download files and install it and will come back to you once it's finished, so here it is after entering the password can clicking on, but we are now into human to all we did was basically the was like as an all we did was change the background and braying the toolbar from the side boards and is quite simple. If you Wanna change to winners your settings you have appearance and then choose a background if you don't like mountain you can choose this and is literally within seconds. It's a very fast system. You can obviously download your own pictures, et cetera create backgrounds, themes, all those things, so with a spring back to what we liked black mountains okay and then if you do need to bring this one. This will taskbar; then Windows when you with Ubuntu. It comes out on the second, which also pose of a few windows users having major. All you need to do is click on the first modern the start button. Click on term men no you don't need to go the final fired before is very very efficient and then all we did was wrong. This little command member down to the bottom. This one command should be there in the description of the you do this, copy and paste it and run it. So there you go. You have now a window system with Ubuntu system running side-by-side. You also have the system, giving you a free, almost similar to Microsoft Office again, you have there you go, you got what you might call and you can save things as a Word document. Okay, you can save them as a Microsoft Word document and no problem whatsoever.
All goody-goody thing is the cancel button is on the side like Mac okay cancelled over their dad's word you have XL you have a version of like are buying all other office software literally available on a box completely free and with a store that gives you all the options if you need to look into your windows partition agency as we said before, we have a 64 again very small number of allocated to this psalm virtual machine, but for the purposes of the demo perfectly fine and the. You can access your Windows folders as well. If you have documents. If you have certain issues where you need to delete files that were not able to be deleted within windows, you can do it outside the windows. Now you have full control of your system so you have access to your windows, you have literally two operating systems running on the same computer. If you Wanna choose one or the other in, I think is a positive video and I hope you like it if you do like this video gives the like. If the subscribe. Thanks very much from watching and have a lovely day. Thank you Visit our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFj1BHYIUYfPWPb1Xn5qFIg