Ubuntu For Windows Users – Set Windows As Default Boot Video Tutorial

Ubuntu For Windows Users - Set Windows As Default Boot Video Tutorial

  This video shows you how to set Windows as your default boot operating system. The commands typed in Terminal are: sudo nano /etc/default/grub GRUB_DEFAULT=saved sudo update-grub sudo grub-set-default 2

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Transcript (machine generated so it contains errors)
This video basically shows you how to change our grub. Okay, which is basically the system program that does the boot up in Ubuntu when we install it in our previous we showed you the add Ubuntu of the defaults are basically every time the computer restarts, it will go to the default about five seconds, 10 seconds. Whatever the default is okay. Am but as windows users we want windows to be the one that automatically starts up and for those occasions when we want your Ubuntu to run. We can manually just we get this purple screen, just choose Ubuntu to be the one to start.

Okay, so we should show you now how to do that is quite simple. First thing you need to remember is which number is windows so windows is one to survive the third third on the list. That's what we have okay in computer terms is that he, too, because computer started zero one two okay.
Once you login to your Ubuntu, you basically need to go terminal okay with you this before, so it comes up, it doesn't without this type and terminal and this can now will windows where administrator has shall we say, the super user powers okay in Ubuntu, it's called Sudo or SU. You can also call it the first thing we need to do is actually open up an editor of a settings file okay the way we do that is run it as a super user by typing in Sudo and then we type in nano which is the program were gonna be using to open up file and the file is UTC/fall the location of it, and it's called corrupt and then you give the password right now all you need to do.
First thing is basically go to grub defaults and change that to save okay now, the way you can believe this is basically control okay, and there X, it will ask you save the file you type in yes okay and then ask you you want to save it is the same name, yes and then were out of it now. We need to run basically as the super user agents update grub and once that's done you then need to set the default one, which in our case was the third one on the list, so that would be to sell what you need to type Sudo then grabbed default is actually set set default so said that default and then the number he was third, but said computer started zero, so it's the second and then press enter. You can then we exit out of this and will just show you what we mean when we do a restart, so that's that.
As you can see it's automatically come to the default of windows and it had five seconds to start up, so this would basically every time you restart your computer would take five seconds and then go straight into windows okay. And for those days where you want to use Ubuntu, you just basically before the five seconds quickly moved the arrow up on your keyboard to Ubuntu and press enter, so hopefully this is how to thank you for watching have a lovely day. Visit our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFj1BHYIUYfPWPb1Xn5qFIg