Windows 10 1709 Change Keyboard Size Solution (Fall Creators Edition)

Windows 10 1709 Change Keyboard Size Solution

  In previous editions of Windows 10 before 1709 (Fall Creators Update) it was possible to resize the Touch Keyboard using a previous video of ours. With the new edition such has changed. However, we are able to work around this to get the same benefits. This video shows you how without having to use a third-party keyboard! Previous Video:  
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Hello and welcome to this video in this video were gonna show you how to actually have a workaround. Basically, the keyboard size in the latest edition of windows 10, which is 1709 creators fall edition okay arm before we have a video where we had our registry tricks to basically be able to make this a lot smaller and a lot easier to use. The problem is in the latest edition that registry trick does not work. Other tricks do not work. Okay, so the only options we now have is to actually go back to our windows OS cakey board unless you actually want to go for a third party keyboard wedge. Lots of people seem to like at the same time I don't trust it because for all I know that the third party keyboard. Whatever I type in it could be being sent to their own servers.

Okay, so I like to stick with what's in windows itself. The first thing I want to show you is basically scroll down all the way to windows ease of access and on-screen keyboard. We can happily modify the size quite nice literally to the same way as we had before and you have your function keys. No problem, it will remain the same place, click on options. Make sure that is that okay can have text prediction. If you wanted choose and use words, then we want to basically make sure it starts up when I sign on tick this box. This is the most important thing one. This is kind of doing is kind of overriding this, but life is still not perfect. If you do use a pen and handwriting, you may still like to stick with this. If you don't what you do need to do because this might pop up still, when you actually want this tiny keyboard, so let's go to services.

What I will do is I'll minimise this and I'll actually in this right click pin to taskbar, so it stays there permanently in case we ever get lost. We can always get this keyboard back okay. Very simple now go to services, click enter on that first one scroll all the way down to basically touch keyboard, touch keyboard and handwriting. Now if you keep this up manual in cases ever, ever needed it will automatically start up okay. Some people do use pens, et cetera you may want to keep it. It might override our wire smaller size keyboard with the big pop-up keyboard or the big pop-up writings that what we are doing is were disabling it raw to stopping the current service okay and shut that down what happens at this point, after disabling it is you can try clicking on it doesn't work okay. We still have our on-screen keyboard. Together we can use this as an example, are open about and clicked on there and we can use on-screen or the regular keyboard using the same that for some reason, after you disabled this touch keyboard are normal keyboard from the year are slaving away badly does not work. This will not work at present, even going over here in China type does not work.

So what were gonna do with keep this therein I minimise it. We need to restart. Sometimes it's taken to Restarts to actually get it to start functioning and like before it has restarted, weeded resize this, obviously, and we kept it where we want to keep it okay and it after Riso came straight back if you're lucky with the first time you should be only use your normal keyboard. If you have one attached or if you don't should be able to use this keyboard and it's worked okay, once again, this will not work. You can literally get rid of it harm of here and let's try what would happen normally. If I was a try and type something in here basically with a keyboard attached that huge keyboard would come up okay or in WordPad, et cetera you before keyboard you got all the options you function keys you have it all their you can obviously change languages of the keyboard over here if you need to add extra hard on their language preferences and add different languages and this should show it up okay, so fortunately, in this video.

It turned one restart in the past, as I did mention it has taken to and this I to show you even if you close it down there we go into over verify was to open up because back to the same size as another restart just to see if Osgood to be honest with you, just as good. We have disabled are normal touch keyboard, which was a pain being half the size of your window. We have now overridden net, which is what should have happened originally and now we are using the on-screen keyboard and life is just as good. Thanks for watching. Please give the like. If it helps thank you

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