Windows 10 And 8.1 Touch Keyboard Resize And Modify Video Tutorial

Windows 10 And 8.1 Touch Keyboard Resize And Modify Video Tutorial

  Out of the box Windows 10 and 8.1 have a touch keyboard that takes up half the screen and also might have the full (standard) keyboard disabled. This video shows how to resize the touch keyboard and also how to enable the full keyboard that has the function keys, alt keys, shift keys etc. The files are and  
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Hello when welcome back in this video let's have a look at how to actually sort out this touch keyboard okay because when you get through the box and Windass Turner Windows 8.1 it takes literally half screen over here and you don't get this function keys and the shift et cetera et cetera you're stuck with the simple version of the keyboard as the senates half the think okay so now there's two ways you can do it okay to get to this system okay agents basically you can click on these two files one is for setting the size against simple this registry edit okay and in the registry you need to get this location and ensure that the key and change the monitor size the bigger the number the smallest goes if you want this bigger you reduce the number okay if I do it manually in case you're scared of using other files or whatever.

Okay is a problem ranch edit okay click on regedit okay and you can article this location okay which is once you're here you then let's bring it half screen over there in the spring that have spring over this and $95 HD local machine okay then it's software then it's Microsoft and its Windows Taylor's windows and then its current version and then its Explorer Laura always explored there we go our right and then there's scaling okay when you get a lot you don't have this scaling takes reaction to create yourself so basically what you would actually want to do is right click on Explorer and then click new and then she okay and then you give it a name scaling okay once you have that done okay you will ban right click on it okay and then create new and then it's a DWORD okay so you'd click new and then you give it monitor site not DWORD say no string word okay then college monitor size as we have over their okay we cannot create one that only their.

Okay and I once you've created that okay given the value of 40 okay and then as you can see it's up to you what size you are so that we have a current one Saturday T 40 gives the same thing as after a certain number doesn't really change okay now you have to restart your computer and then you will be able to go back to getting a little tiny nice thing over here that doesn't take up much space okay… Minimise that okay now the other option is how do we actually get the standard keyboard because many people have this blanked out okay at the box okay so the simple thing is it again you guided us double-click on the file that should be there with you to thing and also on our website and this click yes and doesn't automatically or you can actually do the same thing again back the manual thing, there click typing regedit opened up and it is okay size want Ryan standard keyboard okay so it's now blissfully different location.

Okay HKEY current user software Microsoft okay then it's time to have a tip and that is 1.7 okay and now what we need to do is actually create this unable compatibility keyword to the DWORD again the same setup okay new DWORD okay once you have the DWORD band given the name exactly as it's over here and then set the value to basically what okay keyboard layout reference depending on which keyboard you on a start-up when you start your computer you can have it starting up with the normal one or the pan or that okay and their different numbers starting from zero you can go 0123 et cetera okay simplest way is obviously just to click on it okay click yes click yes and installs it okay if you have any worries about what is actually the file you can always write the content click edit and you'll see there I guess that there should be no changes between those two files okay hopefully this helps and thanks for watching.

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