Windows 10 and Server 2016 – Check CPU Temperature VIDEO TUTORIAL

Windows 10 and Server 2016 - Check CPU Temperature VIDEO TUTORIAL

  Often users will find their tablet, desktop or server feels very hot. It is good to check the cpu temperature so as to monitor it to see if it is within normal range and to mayb seek a repair etc. This video shows how to do such using powershell.

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  Hello and welcome to another of her videos in this video look at how to check your CPU's temperature now basically some tablets laptops et cetera even desktops can get quite hot maybe it's malfunctioning et cetera you do Wanna check to see the temperature and then compare it with normal ranges okay now there is a command that you can use to get the PowerShell first okay basically click over there and then you type in PowerShell okay run as administrator and then little pop-up okay the command is over here don't worry way we should have this command in the description does copy and paste that into partial run it okay I'll now make the screen larger okay so what we want to do is find the CPU temperature which is over here a current temperature which is 3010 okay doesn't Kelvin so if you Wanna get that disintegrate all you do is 3010 divided by 10 okay and then -273.15 that gives us 27.85°C if you need that in Fahrenheit you then basically multiply that number by nine divided by five and then +32 okay so that's a Fahrenheit all you do now is using these numbers go and check this documentation online except draft for your laptop brand your CPU brand et cetera see what its normal operating temperatures and then you curd contact tech support for example of's help thank you for watching Visit our YouTube channel: