Windows 10 Anniversary – Disable Cortana VIDEO TUTORIAL

Windows 10 Anniversary - Disable Cortana VIDEO TUTORIAL

  Cortana is an interesting feature for Windows 10 that many people like but others may not be satisfied with it due to privacy reasons, data collection and also processing load on disk and CPU. This video shows how to disable it on the latest Windows 10 version 2016.

Please watch this video to see how to do the above (for the translation, click on the subtitle in a video on YouTube, and then click the settings button and language, as in this picture):


Transcript (machine generated so it contains errors)
Hello and welcome to another of our little videos in this one were not talk about in the windows 10 anniversary edition this, into the 16 August am Cortana okay something the local are some people don't like them like am it does take a lot of resources sometimes it also downloads affect private privacy for example clicks of deadeye regarding your therapy avoid placing an ego thing you do searches et cetera et cetera so the main little bit harder to get rid of Cortana now before you do happen where the first solar windows 10 in the coming year will ask you questions do you want me yes to know when you say no when you get rid of it or you go into settings and everything there now Cortana seems to want to stay a little bit longer so let's see how to actually get rid of it.

The first thing to do is to go here okay and then type in GP edit.MSC McKay and just click on the barrels start of the group policy editor okay if you were obviously in our server environment should be doing this an active directory you one of the OUs are more credit units et cetera but for this simple desktop version where the setting years is basically administrative templates and then its windows components go down and its search okay now ready to talk to God allow Cortana you can double-click on that and basically disable it if you want also give enough from the lock screen Cortana disabled that okay now all you really need to do is to restart your computer and it should come back and use the honey Cortana are icon over here you should basically get the surgery we share all now restart the computer and show you what look after the restart okay are are Cortana icon has now changed into a simple search icon you can obviously change this to come like shall we say I did show a search box et cetera so hopefully this is helped thank you for watching

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