Windows 10 – Battery Saving CPU Solution VIDEO TUTORIAL

Windows 10 - Battery Saving CPU Solution VIDEO TUTORIAL

  For many people with high powered processors in their laptops and tablets you will find that the battery may not last too long. In this video we should you how to use to registry keys to enable you to reduce cpu usage when not needed and thus increase the time your battery lasts. The Registry Keys: and

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Hello and welcome to our third tutorials in this video with another look at how to basically save your battery by reducing your CPU usage on laptops and tablets et cetera but it basically involves installing these two keys like or manually entering in the data now are thus open up for you basically as you can see there's nothing in here okay especially it is a simple registry attribute I get is being said that will then and now allow you to change your CPU if I was going to Control Panel arms showing this on the server version it works are windows 10 notebooks laptops et cetera is no problem okay and then just type in power normally on our notebook should have an overview battery your your power icon that are doing this on the server for the demo version so there we get right balance or any options from change advanced power settings and you will see by installing these to what has happened is I now have processor power management where I have minimum and maximum processor.

If ousted change the setting down to shall we say 30 okay which is what is something that we use our our surface pros you know it makes Natalie Lancelot not longer you know ality using some heavy video editing in which Daisy does come back here and bring it back up to and okay so that is what it gives you will add these two registry entity our system things to your power settings that are not there before okay now the way to solid heirs you should find these two files within the description okay only just download and are learning to desktop or anywhere and then all you do is just double-click on it if you don't trust Watson you can click edit first look at.

Okay make sure it's all the same okay double-click on it click yes okay and that's just adding and entry into your registry same thing with this and double-click on it and okay now just minimise that okay if you need to basically go where and get rid of the ski if you need to change it for example all you need to do is just go here typing regedit same on windows 10 it will open up I have already gone there but I'll just minimise this so that you can see so HKEY local machine system so ht local machine system then CurrentControlSet CurrentControlSet this control control the power settings okay power settings there and you find that key 54533 okay there we go that set up to the D00 make sure you gay it every single number correct because sometimes you might have keys and almost same of the different and then you have another key 893DE which is 893D and S 64 DNS-S make sure okay that ia64 say so I need the other one which is 60 4C they go and click on that you will see what has happened.

What you'll see for that registry entry it's now: attribute okay and it gave it a value of two just as what we have said over here so attributes DWORD and to okay attributes DWORD two if you ever want to get rid of this at any point all you really need to do is just right click on that and then delete okay and you get rid of that or you could change the number and then to a zero for example okay so now with this you there on a laptop you just click on the add power button K or in this case Control Panel and then go to change advanced power settings okay and then you go to power as management okay and then maximum processor change that to a number that works for you 30 works for us okay you might morning to 50 do 25 1015 whatever depending on what you doing minimum processor you can habitat five you can have a 32 with user all the way it is okay and by changing these numbers you will find that your computer actually last a lot longer on its battery then normal okay so hopefully something for watching

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