Windows 10 – Block or Remove Windows Store VIDEO TUTORIAL

Windows 10 - Block or Remove Windows Store VIDEO TUTORIAL

  The new version of Windows 10 Pro does not allow users to use group policy or the registry to block Windows Store. In this video we show you how to use the Windows Firewall and also how to remove and also reinstall Windows Store. Commands: get-appxpackage -allusers remove-appxpackage THE PACKAGE NAME set-executionpolicy unrestricted cd \ .\reinstall-preinstalledApps.ps1 *Microsoft.WindowsStore* wsreset.exe set-executionpolicy restricted Link for reset file from Microsoft:  

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  Hello with this new version of windows 10 anniversary edition the store starts shall we say automatically downloading and suggesting apps for you which is not ideal and you cannot turn off using the group policy or even the registry okay however there are two ways and we can show you this how to do it over here as the windows store right now what I would do okay which is the safest method is type in firewall okay go for the advanced security version okay click on inbound rules okay is one I criticises to lead this, but this one okay yet but you should see down here okay up pre-created one that is the store okay if you double-click on that open up block the connection do the same in outbound rules okay again is again one) but distally that okay and this is how it comes at the box go down once again finds store and then blocked this connection if you also Wanna do the store purchase up you can block that one as well okay and don't forget to close the start now if I open up the store you will see a all blocked okay Prof page does work okay if you want to go even deeper okay you will see that there is Lie group music films and TV you can find them all so in the rules okay I like films and TV were okay can block that one off as well and then group music you can block as well both inbound and so this is the simplest way to stop window always store automatically giving you all this acts all these apps that you don't want okay the second way okay which is an harder way okay is to actually uninstall windows store and if you need it to get it back so we should show you how to do this okay so basically when you need to do is click over here and then type in PowerShell okay right click on it make sure you run as administrator okay click yes and what needing to do is type in some commands.why these commands should be in the descriptions can thus copy and paste them so get aspects okay package – all users and then that will give you a long list of them okay when you need to do is scroll up through this and find windows store it may take you minute to its to windows store there we go you need the package full name so you need to copy this okay you select it that way and then right click with your mouse or just control see on the keyboard okay now what you need to do is remove okay – a PBX package okay and then he just paste in that name and as you'll see okay and now you'll see it's gone sometimes it might leave relevant all most used arm store for example you click on that you actually get your store back so restart the computer and then you're okay now you're probably wondering are basically how do I get store back if if I wanted at some point okay it's the same concept okay you need to go to partial this PowerShell and then open that up as administrator now you will actually need to download a file from Microsoft first okay now the link should be in the description K will paste in the address okay, yet this should be again in the description for you okay and click on that it will basically download okay the reinstall package information okay with very down before those white that the one okay now you can open it up okay and what you need to do is copy okay copy this and for example paste it to let's say in this case what's this code to the C drive itself okay with pace that so you just paste it and then paste over here now in PowerShell you need to run a couple of commands first okay the first one is set okay analyst – XC you share and all the C and restric did okay and then type yes okay that's bad done the next thing you need to do okay so now what we need to do is go to where we pasted our file again so when you open are emissary agendas start at the C beginner see the route where we have actually paste that okay so we'll just typing cd\okay which actually brings you there by typing dir you the other see the file but we now need to do is type in this again this command should be there in the description that you can thus copy and paste run that says run once once we have basically ensured we have set execution policy okay you can then run once okay that should bring back stories type in store there we go and our store is that just a couple of things that you might want do to tidy up everything towards the end is reset your windows store which is that the man we have reared WS reset.exe okay just run that that basically just resets the cash are windows store okay it takes about a minute or unless actually there we go in will open up with the store again is close that and another thing is before we put by a mean we created the execution policy to unrestricted the dangerous to keep it open all the time Celeste us down to one final thing said XC you share in policy and back to restricted Janet CS there we get so this video that long however it shown you how to block windows store from running okay using the firewall if you completely wonder if it will show you how to completely remove it and also how to reinstall it if need be of little help thank you for watching Visit our YouTube channel: