Windows 10 Change Or Modify File Permissions and Delete From Outside Windows VIDEO TUTORIAL

Windows 10 Change Or Modify File Permissions and Delete From Outside Windows VIDEO TUTORIAL

  We have shown two previous videos to change, modify, delete files, folders and their permissions. Sometimes this can only be done outside of the Windows environment using the Windows Repair USB/DVD/ISO. This Video shows how to fix those permission problems.  
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And welcome to today's video. This is a video dad is similar to 2 of our previous fears regarding permissions and how to delete files or modify files and folders that are locked by may be the windows system or other lock by a certain program and averages two videos help tens and tens of thousands of people and was fine. However, we did keep getting that one question. It doesn't work for me doesn't work for me. Okay, from a select few people, so now hopefully we can show you how to delete, modify a file from outside of windows. Okay, but will just give a quick refresher from before. Okay, so I write it windows folder okay System32 anything which it could be anything from icate with grid of a file or folder called test was the properties good security were gonna go advanced okay now. Some people say, hey, and administrator. I cannot delete it. Okay, yes, okay, now if administrators are not over here. Okay, or if it's owned by for example system and your an administrator and administrator is not over here similar thing. So what actually do. I'm gonna start off with from within windows and then go outside the windows so change account gonna make the owner as windows's Joe okay, it'll find it brilliant all good.

Okay, replace the owner on this. Click okay, that's fine. Click okay just to make sure then reopening up and go to properties security advanced now as you can see the owners windows ninja but there is no windows ninja over here now. This could be one of the reasons why you are unable to delete, change, modify, okay, so all we need to do well in this click add, click select principle finder windows ninja. Okay, that's our username and give a valid question the past what do I type for principle. If your username okay if you don't know what your username is basically ecosystem okay, and click on settings, click on users accounts again, you'll find your username so that's okay, give it full control, click okay.

Click okay. Click yes, that's fine. Close down there now you should be other deleted. You should be owed to modify if you are still unable to do all this after doing these two things where you're also the owner. You are also somewhere in here and you've given yourself full control okay. You may want to try disable inheritance and then add your user in again on here are Caldas try disable inheritance. Okay. Convert all into the this remove all inherited and as you can see all are left with is our windows ninja. Now click okay. Click yes, you write to close them down. You might need to restart your computer and hopefully all works. If it doesn't, and this is the part where many people have had trouble because it might be locked by a program that keeps restarting every time you restart the computer, it locks the file. It takes ownership of the file every time restarts, and is a never-ending story so very simply, what was done. We've got a your speed desk or USB thumb desk with gone to Google okay with, type in windows 10 ISO simple as that. It takes us to the Microsoft official site makes make sure you go there not some other website, click on their now that create the windows 10 installation media to what this does is it's going to download windows 10. The all windows 10 DVD ISO and its gonna install it to our USB disk.

You can skip the minute getting a few things ready, so this is the steps that you are taking okay Rita the licence be sure you're okay with that. Click accept. It'll still take take take take. Check were not a number of the PC. All we want do is create that USB drive. Click next, choose the kind of settings that you want them chosen. The recommended based on how this compares release of that's fine. Click next USB flash drive. Click next. Okay, and just to make sure that were putting it in the right place USB drive. He be very careful what you selected a one over write anything so there we go. It's now on he click next. What it will do okay. It's a real download the windows ISO it'll form and bad drive. It will then have it also that once this is finished. This can stop it right now because it's gonna take forever. Okay, this acquitted that's perfectly fine need to be administrator run that okay I'll just show you though are US PE drive already has that set up installed to it now. What you need to do is go there, click on settings, click on update and security van recovery and we want this advanced start-up restart what it will do it will give us a chance to boot to our USB so user device, you will probably not have all these extra things were using a virtual machine so we can make this video for you.

So here we go, but this is in the efi USB devices roughly what you're looking for. Okay, make sure no other USB devices are plugged in, except that flash drive that has the windows 10 on click that okay, and when it boots up. It'll give almost the window. What is the windows install screen, but when I click install were going down this little bit of a year. It is repair your computer, troubleshoot command prompt, and now that one file that one folder, except that was causing us problems. Make sure that you actually find your drive. Now, the way you do it is you type a drive letter and act: now, in this case, it is see okay but sometimes there are the USB when it boots up a changes drive letters so you might want go like he and then type DIR just to make sure it doesn't have what was before. If you are looking for a roughly similar has windows users ProgramFiles profiles six et cetera over you can see setups is obviously not are you drive after drive that 11 F drive. Okay, and so we now it's our C drive. Generally it is see, sometimes not okay DIR, you can see where here and I actually don't want that folder as well. I can delete that if I want to delete that as well. Okay, but will do for now. What we were initially trying to rush so CD change directory into windows, which is where was then\system 32 okay, so now were in that folder.
Okay, and we have our test our folder that is causing us problems okay because of all those issues as you can see over a year. This just try go into that test folder for some reason it's gone all funny okay remove directory/support space test/S are you sure you Wanna delete it, it's gone. Okay, so all that trouble that you are facing whilst within windows is now solvable outside of windows, but still using the windows system. Let's try and go into our test drive test folder again you see is not there. This Cisco back okay\CD\brings us back to the beginning. As you can see I have heard dollars windows. This is one of the folders that is used for the windows update, let's say I want to get rid of that as well. Okay, Adi. Remember, that's remove directory dollar windows.~the T/S are you sure DIR is busy that's gone as well. Now if I wanted to show we say modify a file. Okay, we can use a program called Notepad notepad title in notepad that bring this up with notepad, click on file, click on open land and change this to all files,

So it sees everything now. For example, I wanted to change something in my windows directory. Maybe it was a driver okay, let's get system32 can let's check for example, load driver store may be file repository. One of the INF's okay. This is one of the driver files say I want to change this, that's for good measure. What I did was asleep are back okay, but is an example and any just click save that stand. So we've shown you how to from within windows modify permissions, change permissions, try and delete files, edit files, et cetera we've shown you. If all doesn't work, how to create the windows boot USB drive bootup into it and then and perform what you need to do. Please be very very careful because just like IsDeleted that folder over there, I could delete the entire Windows folder I could delete system files system32 if it's causing a problem, you shouldn't be deleting it because a lot of folders in your computer. There are actually windows, system folders, so please only modify, delete what you really really know you need to delete okay. We accept no responsibility if your computer does not work. By using this technique. Thank you for watching this should hopefully help finally have a lovely day

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