Windows 10 – Check If You Have The Latest Version And Build VIDEO TUTORIAL

Windows 10 - Check If You Have The Latest Version And Build VIDEO TUTORIAL

  With Windows 10 there is the constant upgrade for the life of the computer and we might need to see which build and version we have on the computer. It is simple and this video shows how

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Transcript (machine generated so it contains errors)
In this video will have a very quick look at how to see which Windows version 10. Build. I want the latest RTM build. Are you on a different version except the building as you start with Windows partial you over there. Type in powershell and then just click. Type in winver,. This window basically we can see the version is 1511 and its build 10586. This is the most recent year build and if you want to check Calle Bill number is a good place to go would be Wikipedia windows 10 so basically I'll show you how to type and size. Leslie and ice will find it would be in Google. Just type in windows 10 bill numbers and will be summer over here. Click on that okay and then you can go down to the latest upgraded build okay. The November 2015 upgrade okay and you will see years 10586 and is basically version 1511 S. That's the way to check whether you're on the latest version okay, thank you for watching

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