Windows 10 Creators Edition Stop All Unwanted Apps From Store (new methods) Video Tutorial

Windows 10 Creators Edition Stop All Unwanted Apps From Store (new methods)

  Windows 10 Creators Edition 1703 has made it harder to stop unwanted apps being sent to the computer. Many people feel these apps are unwanted and a nuisance. To stop/block them in the latest version of Windows 10 try the method in this video tutorial.

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Transcript (machine generated so it contains errors)
Hello and thank you for coming to this video for today okay. Basically what this video is in a show you is in the latest creators edition version of windows 10 okay am how to stop all these unwanted apps constantly coming and just like for example, you got over here at the office soda pop in a candy crush soda whatever mine craft and asphalt and constantly Getting updated okay every time we come over here would get more apps recently added and at some point it was turning out to be faster than us uninstalling them. They were actually coming was mushrooms popping up anyways okay the way I am a few different ways our original technique which we announced by your back was to basically go over here and type, which is there and then Tyburn firewall got the advanced security version and then go to inbound rules find the store okay, let's just skip the store and then block it when it comes a comes in the box with the green thing okay with the tick box, so we just click block do that and then do the same for the outbound you'll find two or three stores of here. There's stores over there, we just do the same thing.

Double-click and click block connection okay. This worked in previous versions okay. Then there was another system setting that you could do okay. I am understandably in this notepad so because a little bit lengthy, but all you need to do is us going to range edit again, it finds a relevant click on that in all asking around as administrator. Now we need to find this location. Okay, so HKEY local machine. There we go to school there and it software policies cells software are then policies, then it's my crosoft and its windows carelessness make this bigger, so we can all see where we go on okay then its windows and hand, if you don't have a cloud content like over here, you create the key okay, so he just click on Windows, click new key and then given that name. Okay, now we click on this. There's nothing in there. All we need to do is add the DWORD with this name to it, so this copy this policy and then click new DWORD and then paste the name and make sure it's exactly as it is, and then given the value of one side, double-click it, and is then you would restart your computer and then will also hopefully work.

Unfortunately okay. These two methods didn't quite get us all the way okay, we still Getting these stores apps being pushed our computer okay with the firewall. If you click on the store. It's blocked but things still Coming, so we played around with this little bit okay. Here okay, Allen clicked on settings and then apps. And now what we found was over a year in this little guy over here. This app installer is the one that seems to constantly want to keep sending us apps. Okay, so uninstall him okay. Once he's gone, life starts to get better then you start uninstalling whatever you don't like another thing we found is that because we all octets from in the firewall the store by setting this allow apps in the store only then, in combination with the firewall and the setting and the app installer deleted and installed.

Things settled down and then you can happily go get rid of all of the Staying turn off suggestions gather your get rid of the suggestions and then you can basically unpaid from start and pin from start, so getting rid of things in this being installed okay you'd find little uninstall button over here and this uninstall sat. Hopefully this is now sold a problem for unwanted store apps coming to you and let us know how it goes so far been using it on our windows 10 systems and so far none of the apps have come back. Okay, so this is a video to show you how. Have a lovely day
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