Windows 10 – Delete Previous Installation Files (Windows.old) Easy! VIDEO TUTORIAL

Windows 10 - Delete Previous Installation Files (Windows.old) Easy! VIDEO TUTORIAL

  With Windows 10 having a number of upgrades each year there will be increased storage usage to keep the previous versions of Windows 10 and the installation files for the new version. These files are stored in Windows.old and $Windows.~BT. To delete these files using the file explorer is not easy as it will say permission denied or the files are locked. Changing permissions to do this is also not easy.  

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Hello when a very good welcome to you. We have a few questions over the last few days, and there actually played interesting questions. There are, how to get rid of. Basically the old upgrade files okay. Am from previous versions. Now medical have tried doing it using our permissions techniques on the safe food the using Ubuntu except prior to the folder is all quite possible okay. However, women assure you this, the simple method. Okay, and is actually quite important. Over the next many years because don't forget windows 10 is a continual update system and rewind it to get rid of old files to clear space, et cetera okay, it's very simple actually discloses windows where we actually do get you open up shall we say this PC and then click on your C drive and you'll notice whenever and upgrade you have this windows.old folder, and you also get their style of windows starts quickly DT okay that you try deleting this a simple way to selecting Internet and either right click a and then doing the leaf or pressing delete from the button or there, you will come with errors saying others locked up missionaries, et cetera okay, now the simple thing to do together this and is the magic okay go back to this PC and see where it says local disk C.

Just tap on it, right click, click on properties. Disk cleanup that'll come up with the first winner okay if you scroll down to the window, you won't see anything that is particularly relevant at this point, however, you click on this system files. We now have this window opening up and you'll see windows upgrade log files okay. Previous windows installations okay, and also temporary windows installation files will take this one step at a time a killer is trying to run the windows.old first, again, because that's a huge big chunk again, we can select everything else that's the problem. Again, these are generally less disk cleanup things in thumbnail 073 made from hard drive, and whenever you can go to explore. It generates thumbnails that recycle bin, et cetera enough that will delete will and will change say unto all these things at this moment, like a and will just click on previous windows installation and okay delete file's and you get an extra are confirmation okay because it's basically saying in the previous windows installations, you will not get the go back to your previous version. A case another something you need to mirror bear in mind as well. Again happy with that, click yes and it will start deleting that windows.old folder.

Okay, and after a few minutes it basically just close at the panel window and were back over here to show you you click on the C drive. We have now lost our windows and also announce great no permission issues to delete they had nothing that I can now you might be wondering why the slightly grey down Carl Icahn folders are appearing over here than you might not be seeing his face because we click on view and show hidden items okay, now this also can be deleted. This is part of the old upgrade session as well. Okay again. Same principle disk cleanup clean up system files for this one. We shall start with temporary windows installation files, and if you want, you can also get rid of the windows upgrade log files, click on that delete files as you can see that's gone as well said this method shows you how to get rid of the ease old upgrade files. The previous installation files arm if it helped you, please click on the light and subscribe and thank you for watching

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