Windows 10 – Disable Automatic Maintenance (save battery) VIDEO TUTORIAL

Windows 10 - Disable Automatic Maintenance (save battery) VIDEO TUTORIAL

  Automatic maintenance is a positive aspect of Windows as it maintains it. However, on many laptops, notebooks and tablets it can run automatically and cause battery drain. On some of our computers we noticed a 40% battery loss saving after doing what is in the video.    
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Hello and thank you for watching in today's video were can I show you one technique to reduce battery drain okay, you'll generally find there is happening in notebooks, tablets et cetera and the issue is automatic maintenance. Okay, automatic maintenance, it runs server box and 2 AM every night or later. If you computer was off, et cetera now, this can run for a short time or a long time, but it does drain a lot. We have found 3040% of a battery disappearing overnight and were wondering why okay, how do we trace them. You can start it manually. You can stop it manually. You can take the time manually, but you cannot turn it off now. The way to do it manually is Control Panel, you Control Panel and then that brings the homepage system and security.

The security and maintenance, and then you have your maintenance here now to turn off than windows cannot automatically start it, you need to have a little registry setting. Now that sounds difficult but is actually quite simple. I'll show you the easy way first. Okay, we have a little file of the year. That's on a desktop. You can download the other download this from the description on the YouTube video or our website and basically if you click edit on it) and running it, you can see all of those is basically adjusts has the settings manually. There am changing this to one where new diaries should be 11 basically turns off automatic maintenance. Okay, I'm this close this and arm open a breaded the registry rage and it's okay you run that, and that brings this program now it's automatically at this location because we air of than that. I'll send that file again. If you look at it.

Okay, where we are is a key local machine. Everything exactly the same in maintenance and have added this maintenance disabled and within a given setting off one which should turn off automatic maintenance. Okay, I'll just close this, double-click on the file now actually running it rather than opening it to view and edit it okay. You see, all is done is this change this to one when you get a fresh out of the box. Brand-new can lie the windows 10 can be et cetera you will not have this entry in so our key arm registry key settings over your advert or you can manually added by basically going over there and then new grads DWORD okay given the name maintenance disabled and give us of what was a long story of how to get there in our Control Panel. Now if we try to start maintenance casino parameters and clicking and clicking nothing happens. Okay, so maintenance has been disabled. That is a brilliant okay for now, because you'll suddenly find that your battery is not suddenly magically losing 10, 20, 30% or whatever, at all times of the day.

However, automatic maintenance is a very useful tool which by Microsoft and it does do our life shall we say maintenance. Okay, so you'll obviously want to have it running sometime every few days, maybe even be once a week et cetera or when you're in control of your battery et cetera so the same file that you have downloaded this as it changed to 0. Click save enclosing have a close it running again, the same way.

Click okay to bring up the registry editor again you see is changed to 0. Now we can start the maintenance manually if we want to or just the run as normal and windows will start that it's one time or as soon as possible. Afterwards. Hopefully this is helped and thank you for watching
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