Windows 10 Disable & Enable Wake Timers in Power Management (battery saving) VIDEO TUTORIAL

Windows 10 Disable & Enable Wake Timers in Power Management (battery saving) VIDEO TUTORIAL

  Here we show you how to disable devices from waking the computer from sleep mode using the Power Management options. Sometimes this option might not be displayed so we show how to enable the options. Certain devices have a power feature that enables them to wake the computer automatically from a sleep state e.g. a mouse movement or keyboard or the network card. Some may not desire such device behaviour. In some cases they could be a security risk or could drain your battery. Registry Link  
Transcript (machine generated so it contains errors)
Hello and welcome as part of our trying to reduce battery drainage sold get a longer cherry is a daily amount that we can use on our laptops to start et cetera et cetera the ones using batteries and tablets. Okay, now you'll generally find the power icon over here and you can click on and on the screen were using a desktop over here and register now show you how to find it. If it's not there, so power and sleep settings, additional power settings and Control Panel basically am here we are change plan settings change advanced power settings now in the fleet section allow weight timers okay there may be certain hardware devices on a computer that suddenly like resemble the network adapter, et cetera that suddenly wake up your computer and then you computer starts losing its battery charge a housing driven computer.

We might want to stop that. Okay, now if by chance you do not have in your power options in sleep. The weight timers one. There is a file that you find in the description on the YouTube video. All it does is basically in the registry. It goes to this location. Okay, and it says that it to now I can go the registry. We can install windows based not being extra words are easy to eating auntie okay if I run it and some of that advocacy is quite complicated. You know you need to go and find a desired position where it is go all the way down, we have done that ourselves. Okay, and you can see that you have their Echo. If this is changed to. You will then get this within your power options so Amazon shut that down and Amazon, double-click on our registry file at the very see that there is nothing much except for just changing a setting that can always change back. If you want to okay the lap just to flip in and out so that the settings are updated allow weight timers now if I disable this any device that likes to wake up my computer okay on its own for whatever reason, the device might have for example a keyboard, a network adapter or anything else.

It's now disabled. They are not going to be able to wake up the computer from our sleep setting, so our battery is last longer waltzes and sleep. If you need to put it back to the original way. All you need to do this and that the file change him back to 1 click says close and I don't have to run him, click yes yes okay, I was flipping out so that the settings are updated and you'll see it's gone. Okay, so hopefully this helps hand if does give us alike and for watching. Thank you

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