Windows 10 – Protect Your Privacy And Disable Telemetry VIDEO TUTORIAL

Windows 10 - Protect Your Privacy And Disable Telemetry VIDEO TUTORIAL

  Windows 10 has a lot of features and is a modern operating system, but it also does have a lot of data settings and services that might not be what certain users like regarding privacy. In this video we go into details as to how to disable the telemetry service and also to modify the privacy settings.

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Hi in this video were can I have a look at how to basically stop Windows tens arms, shall we say am telemetry service plan sends privacy, data data that you might not want Microsoft to actually get likely use age, et cetera, et cetera, you know, and they have this service enabled by default. Okay, so we are gonna look at in two versions, one is free. November build which is this one animal in a look at basically the bill that came out in November to 15 killers to different ways of actually doing it like the first thing we need to do is actually go to the registry editor do that we click their type in reds, edit okay and that will bring up this icon that an animal ask you to grant permissions allow it, and their work together. What you need to do is go to HD local machine. Okay then expand that, then go to software expand that good policies expand that, then Microsoft expand that they the full screen.

So then it's Microsoft and its windows expand that the new have something called data collection okay in data collection you will not have this key this allowed telemetry. So what you need to do like dust delete that still eat can also created you will get it like this when you open are the collection for the first time so you need to create a new DWORD okay and call it allow telemetry met re-okay and make sure it has a value set to 0. Okay. Basically, you can change this by double-clicking and putting a zero their that's done at step one okay then we came close or far registry editor. The next thing we need to do is go into services. Okay we go there. Basically, once again, click on that and then Taipei and serve versus okay and there and basically open at up bring up this window. Okay, scroll down to the D areas okay and you will see okay and diagnostics tracking service, you need to disable that okay if it's running like example is running like one of the services click stop okay and then basically once that's done, the properties and their start-up type. Make sure is disabled okay to stop it over here as well, and then click you also need to get rid of the service. Okay, you need to disable it. So basically properties disabled okay.

Make the not running then restart the computer and that is fine, everything should be okay. We shall now look at. If you have the post November build. Okay, okay, if you are in shall we say the latest build which is post November 2015 okay the same thing basically go over here. Okay type and services. Services opens up okay and what were trying to do is scroll down to something called connected user experiences and telemetry. Okay, we need to make sure this is disabled okay disabled. Click okay. Restart the computer, you know everything is good that what I would suggest is all so do the registry thing that we did for the first version okay, which was allowed telemetry set to 0 again and do that in the registry in your latest version as well just be safe. Okay, now another thing to do is check what exactly are your privacy settings on your Windows desktop nor notebook, et cetera okay, so I'll just close a one-off. Okay, now we need to basically change your privacy settings so basically go here type and privacy, and that should open up privacy settings, click on that then opens up here now.

Depending on your computer the way you want it managed is entirely up to you how much information you want to give out to other apps to other similar companies, Microsoft, et cetera I get this if you read the privacy statement okay how Microsoft does advertising information is passed on to the other companies linked them now. You might, not like that. Okay, so basically what I've done is basically turn that off my Kit. The smart screen on you could turn it off better off than off okay, so that's there and then basically are major location is also not given okay turn that off okay and then basically it's off for everything over there. Okay, am camera let out use my camera. Well, obviously, some apps do need to use a camera so you might want even now, everything really one-hour lockdown, you can lock it down by individual apps. Okay microphone okay same kind of thing like the camera and you want on off you are do it by individual apps. Okay, there account info let abstract is my name, picture, another account info and say turn that off, but it's up to you. Okay contacts okay. Choose apps that can access contacts.

Do you want these apps to actually act as then you can once again change them on or off depending on which ones you trust which ones you don't use, et cetera okay calendar Q1 apps to act as your calendar, you can turn it off okay turn off individually again. Okay, call history, if you call history over here again at present, and Skype okay can turn that off. I can turn on depending on the way goes again for email similar concept okay go all the way down messaging okay. Choose the same thing on off depending on how you take it radio is okay. Basically your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth et cetera they can send information out you want that then yes, and now okay other devices. Okay, any devices connected okay when they syncing up with your computer. Now, this can affect your sink okay harm. However, depending on our whether you're working in an environment computers are sinking to you and you want them to sink you okay can turn that off okay feedback and diagnostics. I would suggest keeping that I never make a diagnostic and usage data okay basically, you only have these three choices, but we disabled it in the services okay, so keep a basic okay and background apps.

Okay, you can basically go to that as well, which and receive info. Obviously, turning some things off, you might find that, for example, maps may not work properly or your calendar may not work, et cetera so you might want to turn the monitor off depending on how it works for you said this has been a full tutorial on how to ensure your privacy and how to limit what information is sent out from your computer. Hopefully result. Thank you. Watching

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