Windows 10 – Repair Installation VIDEO TUTORIAL

Windows 10 - Repair Installation VIDEO TUTORIAL

  Sometimes Windows system files can become corrupted or the registry gets altered and we see that Windows starts to slow down. Sometimes this can also be bacause of incorrect files and folder permissions. There are a number of ways to repair Windows and this method shows you how to do a repair installation to restore/repair Windows. This is basically an upgrade using the same version of the current installation that keeps files, applications and our data.  

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And welcome to this idiot with a few questions on how to repair system files or a problem, windows installation that is going sluggish slow et cetera et cetera am now, the way we suggest okay is an in-place upgrade. Okay, which is the same and repair, upgrade those two names mean the same thing. Okay, the basically I'll give an example of what happened okay in this case okay the properties or the owners of the windows file windows directory had been changed okay. Now, normally its trusted installer okay. You'll also find different folders in different places having known as at the windows folder is trusted installer and then within subfolders. You'll see lots the mucus installer, however, you might see some that are beloved system, et cetera okay, now what was happening was it was slowing down the computer.

We could try to replace the permissions on this back to the original. We have a video on how to reset that you could also try to reset to trusted installer if everything is not working or is another problem, and things are slowing down your system, just not work. Maybe you used a service a registry cleaner program from the web and that tell a mess in your industry, and it's all slow down and you now. Wanna get your `and I normally, when you need to do is well the first thing is you need to have the latest version of the windows can either DVD ISO or a USB and inserted into the computer. So in this case, we already have the windows DVD okay in certain hard drive okay if you want to see what's in the folder list. That and will be clicking on the setup. If you have then got the latest version of the Windows DVD ISO or USB. What I would suggest a is open up whichever browser use. Go to Google, type in windows 10 ISO now. It should be the very first one initially Microsoft down go down again. You'll see other companies,

Excedrin and a website that does go straight to the original windows 10 ISO okay, now down, click on the update. Now we need to use this download tool that seven run the program and then this windows open up in Laurel get a few things and what I want to show is how to create that ISO except the turning this of happy with it now create installation media from the PC next icate now use the recommended options for this PC is obvious that an automatic check to see what canals architects like 64-bit windows 10 et cetera okay, you could get rid of that and their new curd shames them, you could get a home edition a okay in this case was on a stick with the recommended options. Click next. You could maybe USB flash drive from here, make sure you have at lease for gig fast right or this ISO file. What it will do is any click next and then choose where you want the same for example, desktop, and it will be called windows.ISO click save and a little download is finished, it will create an ISO on the computer. We don't have the time to download for gigs right now and show you the rough the process is very simple. Once done, it will just say okay. This could assume it actually had done a lot window walls.ISO file. Okay, and it's now there are new desktop.

However, it is and double-click on it and is almost the same as sincerity the DVD drive okay it will come up answer, it will come up on this PC and you'll see like and virtual DVD drive and the windows 10 in their just right click on that open click setup. Yes, now when you do this window you could download and install updates now is the recommended method, however, to save time. In this video will just choose not right now, but you would suggest you do that okay and if you want a sense of information to windows to have the makings into a box and click next. Then come to this licence screen. Read through happy with it, click except it will scan your computer to see whether it can keep all your software programs your data, et cetera this is the most important thing. Okay, and this window again, this can like summarising says key personal files and apps I was initiated this click on this just to make sure it is selected, the top one this one. Make sure that you're actually getting all your programs, data, et cetera if it comes to key personal files only and that can upgrade out, it means if you do follow this method, it will reset your computer kind of and but you lose all your applications which you may not want okay, so if this is grayed out and you're not able to select this option then basically my suggestion would be to stop at this point and think of other recovery methods. I can however, that assume it has come to that, then we click install right from this point onwards. Don't try and flip between screen by pressing the old term which you can do like ageis back off.

Make sure before you had done all this, you weren't having any problems running et cetera this thing is basically no reinstalling windows on top of your existing windows can I give you a clean version of all the Windows files and it's keeping your programs all your private files and Word documents, et cetera okay, now this can take some time, it could take 15 minutes 30 minutes depending on house so your machine is how much data there is et cetera and will go from 0% will restart and then maybe recite can and we shall come back after it handles down all installation and show you what happens at that point okay after it has rebooted and installed everything and then you log in of the password length of the password and I go straight through and then this is how it started, says hiding things really just like as it is something a new PC. Okay, I will show you. Once the screen comes back to normal windows. If we look over here. Okay rigourous C drive okay it does have a windows. Old folder, and if we go to hidden items.

You'll also see these folders as well, which can be removed if you look at one of our previous videos that is all down to the previous installation. Okay, I am the main thing that I want to show wires were now running our current windows okay folder every right click on that properties the security advance, you will see it has reset all the permissions of a windows folder and I would have happened as well. If we also have the ProgramFiles of the problems in our the ProgramFiles D6 folders also with corruptions whatever okay based on permissions so this repair install does solve a lot of problems. However, don't forget there are other options out there okay to repair depending on the problem. Okay, you might decide a complete wipe and a fresh install is an option or a reset of your computer is an option or finding out the problems and telling repairing them in little bits and pieces. Whatever it's up to you over. This is one method that we want to show you and is quite useful and also has helped it has click the like, and the subscriber and banks are watching

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