Windows 10 Secret Settings “Super User” Mode Video Tutorial

Windows 10 Secret Settings "Super User" Mode

  Windows has a secret settings viewer/modification window called "god" mode. By activating this you can modify numerous system settings that are hidden/not easily available.

Please watch the video to see the above (to translate, click the Subtitle box in the YouTube video and then click Settings and language, as in this picture):


Transcript (machine generated so it contains errors)
Hello and thank you for coming to this video. Basically, this will use the Netsh show you how to access the system setting folder that is called god mode and I

Am I think that's a fair name but anyways is quite simple. All you need to do is right click on your desktop or anywhere okay and then new folder and you need to give it. This specific name. This name should be within the description of the YouTube video seek and find their beginners rather than read the is once you do that, it actually creates a god mode folder that literally gives you access to all your Windows settings that you might want to change, so the setting is actually quite hard to get to if you're not knowing where they are okay, you got your power buttons you got panned touch literally settings than most people don't even know exist there all over here. Thank you for watching the video and have a lovely day
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