Windows 10 – Setup Speech for Dictation and Cortana Video Tutorial

Windows 10 - Setup Speech for Dictation and Cortana Video Tutorial

  With Windows 10 we now have Cortana the personal assistant that can operate based on speech. Windows 10 also has a very rich and mature speech system which can be used to rapidly dictate to the computer to type letters, essays etcetera. Windows 10 speech can also be used to give verbal commands to your computer.  
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Welcome back in this video were can I have a look at how to set up so we see say speech recognition. Basically, there's two kinds of versions of one is the version that comes through from Windows 7, Windows 8.1, which is a brilliant system where you can dictate your computer gift commands and things operate and a slight knee other version of the the version that comes with windows 10 that is basically the court and our speech get personal with the first version, which is a slightly older one which is in control panel. All you need to do is go here. Type in control panel to come up.

These are factors okay and then start speech recognition that brings us to the menu we had before okay as click next okay. Choose a colour microphone that you are using in this case were using a headset microphone okay it gives information on how to position it properly okay. Click next and now really peer dictates to his computer. He prefers to typing, and particularly prefers it to pen and paper okay. It's recognised our speech levels and instead of our speech levels okay Ahmad this point. If you have lots of Word documents, emails the country can scan them to find out how you generally write okay and then this will enable it to show is a construct better sentences using your speech and is fine. We don't have the time to get that so will disable document review next okay.

Choose an activation mode okay will use the manual version so basically when the speech activation. The shall we say which it starts up, you can manually activate or turn off okay will use manual activation okay. You could print your reference card regarding the special commands that might be nice, we are all just go ahead now am you can make sure that any start-up speech recognition starts, or you can click that and manually started okay will is only demo and widowers of this, and click next okay now, there is a tutorial that teaches you how to use it, you can start the tutorial and watch that it's definitely work that will click skip tutorial okay SO that shared high that now seconds right okay, so this is the main thing now you can on okay and lets open up for example, word you do need to train the system to work a lot better again needs voice training you need to read.

So understands how your accent is very quiet for a minute will turn this off until that starts up okay, now once is trained okay if I was to turn this on hello C, it's got over there. It has enquiry learned how to do it today is the so everything we are speaking, it is typing okay. But because it has not been trained in its complete nonsense. So there we go, improved voice recognition okay, and click on next. And we need to read these sentences okay, you're basically training at okay and you keep trainee: will take about 1530 minutes okay you read through all the sentences and then it should be a lot better than when you turn back on and you type you speak the word. It will be fairly accurate okay. The other kind of speech recognition is the new Cortana a okay self we going to settings over here.

Okay, the new modern version of farm speech okay, which is in PC settings you discover here. Click on settings or typing settings and then open that up days in time and language okay speech okay and then set up your microphone and the rest okay get started. Peter talks to his computer. He prefers to typing, and particularly prefers it to pen and paper and then get its almost the same as before okay Cortana needs to get to know me okay. Once you have it set up okay, and you've trained it okay. You will see so it works. Still not 100%. Obviously, because we only the short of training okay. However, we can now use this with Cortana as well okay. Basically the concept is settings and has turned off okay so basically you can use 10 over here to help you with it Control Panel and they say you can launch Control Panel. From here you can do settings Cortana being set up. Obviously, it can as mentioned before it can then act as your personal assistant and do a lot, lot more okay arm hopefully help. Thank you for watching

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