Windows 10 – Turn Off Cortana Tutorial VIDEO TUTORIAL

Windows 10 - Turn Off Cortana VIDEO TUTORIAL

  Windows 10 Cortana and the search feature is an interesting addition to the Windows OS. However, it can take up a lot of resources and can also impact on your privacy as your usage date is shared. This video shows how to turn off Cortana.

Please watch the video to see the above (to translate, click the Subtitle box in the YouTube video and then click Settings and language, as in this picture):


Transcript (machine generated so it contains errors)
  Hi in this video would have a look at how to turn off court and I got an amazingly little bit irritating utilising of resources is not working that well with voice, et cetera my wallet to switch off and just use the normal search that was there before I can show you how it looks when you have Cortana make a right use Cortana okay and the that how it looks when you actually have an out-of-the-box windows, then you have got another now you may silly does one hide the search box. Okay just cover their Cortana and Air New Zealand basically say so Cortana icon is now simplified it. If you why. Get rid of cut and are completely just type in Cortana okay click on that, like a it will bring you there like a hand if you are turn on. Yes, click on that and now you see is Turner that circle to disassemble search and every time you go over here and need to search for something. For example, our cell okay it will use a simple search. Okay, that was happening. Hopefully the result of wanting Visit our YouTube channel: