Windows 10 Update Errors – Uninstall and Block Problem Updates VIDEO TUTORIAL

Windows 10 Update Errors - Uninstall and Block Problem Updates VIDEO TUTORIAL

  There are times when certain Windows updates may cause computer problems and in those cases we should uninstall that update and also block it so that it is not automatically downloaded and installed again by Windows update. Applies to Windows_10_Uninstall_And_Block_Problem_Updates.mp4 and other updates that cause problems. This video shows you how to do this using this Microsoft tool:

Please watch this video to see how to do the above (to translate, click the subtitle box in the YouTube video and then click settings and your language, like in this image):


Transcript (machine generated so it contains errors)
Hello a very good day to you we've had a couple of comments regarding certain updates, causing problems with the computer and the thing is with windows 10 whenever you shall we say, uninstall and update. Okay, it will try and keep coming back unless you actually prevent it. Okay now, there is actually a tool from Microsoft itself that allows you to prevent it and show you actually have for example. Okay, what's been happening is people been complaining about this KB3189866. Okay, so what we will do is will this actually close all the windows off for now, and to show you how to do it, so they're gonna settings and data updates and is assumed installing causing problems for you or and driver installation update: from anything now, it might be this one. You basically just have to click on this and then type you have to click on uninstall updates, and then it will list all the updates that are being installed there for example KB3189866.

If I want to uninstall this one. I can install it further. This will take a long time and unloved surplus of salt the smaller one makewhatis flash player and uses as an example with a stick on uninstall and then click yes. Okay, so that's the first step. Okay, so you have uninstall the update. Okay, and now, if you check for updates that they would come back on and try automatically downloading and installing. We Wanna stop that now the tool is okay and the download link should be will processes from Microsoft self-efficacy download of Microsoft permits the Microsoft windows update show hide to okay and will do is basically, you pay said link into your browser, download it okay save it and then you open it. Okay, it's as simple as that. And then, now what you need to do is go ahead.

Click next. It will do a scan of your computer and also check from windows update to see what updates are going to be installed, shall we say, if you were to run Windows update now and then give you a chance to come. I tick the boxes. This can take a couple of minutes because it will do a full scan after it's finished it scan it gives you this option okay now. If you have users previously in blocks of updates and new found that you actually want now install those updates that was previously blocked, you click on this one. Each one I hide a new update. Basically, it will do a check to see which updates are about to come and you can then take them. For example, we do that Adobe flash player as you saw them is that just click on that one, and then click next and then it'll basically give this green tick box saying you won't get that close this, that's fine. And if you were to go to settings. Now when we are running our update check. It should come back without showing bad update needing to be downloaded and installed so hopefully this is helped and please click the like are the subscribe button. Thank you

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