Windows 10 Upgrade to Anniversary Version 1607 Solution VIDEO TUTORIAL

Windows 10 Upgrade to Anniversary Version 1607 Solution VIDEO TUTORIAL

  Many people are finding that the Windows 10 anniversary edition (1607) is not automatically being updated on their system. Even after manually trying to use the check for updates button it still does not update. Well in this video we show you the solutions to get it. Please be advised that this will not work for the Enterprise edition as that is done using the various Microsoft volume licensing center etc.

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  Hello welcome today's video looks and how to get the new update of windows 10 for 2016 that came out on 2 August is called anniversary update okay now many people are finding the girl windows update this still stuck are version air in 1511 or even lower keep clicking on check for updates and nothing ever happens again it just keeps updating your defender or something else and then you never get the proper update so what were the lessee over here is how to actually get it again if you were to go to Google and type in groups of four bit windows 10 ISL that brings you the Microsoft website okay and you click on that you go forward okay and over here you will see the top it is update now were initially two different ways of how to update okay click on the update now okay and that should download this windows 10 upgrade Collate tool shall we say okay okay and then that basically downloads this tool okay so what is in a close above settings are those that never works okay and we'll just run this okay there we go we click yes and what it will do doable system test okay to make sure one that you have at least 20 gigs are hard disk space available and to that your addition in version et cetera of windows 10 comes within the boundaries okay so basically then click update now it says CPU okay memory okay displace okay click next okay what is the do it will take time am depending on how fast your Internet speed is except rival download that & then basically update it will go from zero person again that I think research computer and then you have the latest version of windows 10 which is 1607 and working in a cancellous update okay and show you another way to do it okay then go back to edge okay go back to Google K and the same website okay so we type in windows 10 ISO okay's very first single beer and makers from Microsoft not any of the others okay so that was one way of doing it another way is to go the slightly longer way bad this should also help you in case the first way did okay so we just can hour now run this this is basically the media to okay making close above that what this does is it will basically give you an update or even the option to save it as an ISO and then you can or burn to a DVD and then you can manually updated or will do the update on its own automatically okay it goes a little bit of time to get ready okay you accept the license and then we come to the screen where it says upgrade this PC now or you have the option to create installation media from a PC okay our greatest PC now click next okay basically what will happen is this world than download the windows 10 bits and keep clicking ahead and it will upgrade your PC you will have to restart animal sorted out so these are the two main methods of basically updating your computer to windows 10 anniversary edition if it does not work the normal way using settings and then update okay if that was not working then these two methods should work don't forget if you are online volume licenses or if you are in the enterprise version that will not work this way you also basically want to if you are on the education version okay so creates carelessness to that okay if you do need the education version okay what you do need to do is actually not this update now to okay but you need to go to more download options and then aids the academic version software that you will need a case basically once you have your product key okay you can then download the tool and use that so hopefully does help thank you for watching Visit our YouTube channel: