Windows Server 2012r2 – Create, Delete and Assign Storage Spaces and Pools Video Tutorial

Windows Server 2012r2 - Create, Delete and Assign Storage Spaces and Pools Video Tutorial

  Windows server 2012 R2 has the ability to create storage pools where multiple disks are combined together to offer a big storage space. Within such there are also options for data loss protection e.g. striped and mirrored etc. This video show how to create, delete and assign storage pools in Server Manager in WIndows Server 2012 R2    
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Hello good day to you this video looks at how to create storage pools, which basically is like combining either virtual death or physical death that are attached to the system or other servers within our group of servers and had access to and combining them into one big shall we say arm storage space that is accessible. I came on which we can create our old so we get very simple as a manager click over here or there and there handsome manager opens up okay. We then need to go to file and storage spaces.

Okay, which is a scenario when you get a new staff there and file storage spaces and then click basically assessment tests. Okay, let's just bring them online like a case gives a little warning, saying army somebody else also has access that does for another computer has access to it. It could cause corruption I came in this case the role on by year. As you can see, you can literally see all the discs that are available to us, you know it's on the server on other servers, et cetera single storage pool okay, let's create the storage pool for this server, like a so you click on the primordial cayenne and a new storage pool. Very simple next okay given a name. SP1 there anything doesn't really matter.

He hand then click next okay and we have access to armed these discs. Okay, basically the couple are ways that they can be you that can be used over here with us using our demos sized SO the foregoing. He has the set size anymore arm, but that is for demonstration purposes. So with . These together are you properly are TV discs attached okay arm. Click next okay and their advocates created a 12 GB one make a and create next okay. Once that's finished okay, now we can see we have created a storage pool. However, if we were to go to explore harmful exploring new basically not see that desk. There okay if we went to computer management and endless management. You would also not see that desk is not even available. So now we need to do is basically create a virtual desktop within that okay with no storage for okay, so that's that. Make a given a storage pool desk one okay if we had an SSD. The views that night I get now. The way this works okay. Our virtual desk. If a simple weird credit before a 9.75 GB desk okay hand, if we create simple, you pretty much get most that. However, there is no fault tolerance gave you merit okay, you're basically mirroring the data so basically one. This will write another desk will have a copy of it, et cetera you know if you have parity a striped across all the discs, which also is resilient acres are basically mirroring parity give you fault tolerance of any one of these discs dies okay then.

Basically, you still have the ability to keep going on, where Derek given the simple, if any one of these. This ties most of your data will probably be lost unless you have some very, very good data recovery techniques and software, et cetera I get anywhere. So just to prove a point okay going on simple will create a fixed size. Okay, am I to see if literally saying the maximum you can use is a free space okay, let's go backwards telescope mirror okay again fixed. Okay, you can use only three games out of nine is basically a third of it. Okay, so it's mirroring the data across three desk okay, let's go parity parity you will get a little bit more okay which a is nice and to be honest with you. Parity does offer RAID five of concept. You know you could think that that okay now disorders thin and fixed okay. Depending on the choice you choose simple mirror parity depending on your requirements. Okay, you then have then which is basically you can just keep adding extra discs in here and then basically it just keeps increasing the size as you add more deaths was like a never-ending disc up to the maximum disk attached anything against fixed it literally creates one desk at the beginning and that's it.

Okay, so it's nine GB is never the change then is probably a little bed more arm versatile in servers nowadays were you using virtual apartments et cetera et cetera okay. Anyways, let's go there are, we can theoretically specify 10 gate, you know, even though we don't have 10 GB okay basically it's when I keep getting filled up to 9 GB. If we don't have another desk to come in an extra one GB or depending on the parity or mirror your bike run out can give you a disc thick and full error I get so that said with given that there okay create okay. It's also a little bit quicker to create the thin desk rather than the fixed size desk okay, so what we do and okay were there just for okay now, were basically creating in disc for it. Make a sale. We created a 10 GB disc. Okay, that's the maximum size of their volume size. Okay, were now assigning a drive letter or you could quit within a folder like a or if you know one assign a drive letter holder at this moment that also possible options reliving a dry day is from okay NGF and saw the new resilient filesystem.

Okay, the choice is yours. NTFS for now. Our services and 12 seems to prefer R to armed to 16 is moving towards resilient filesystem. Okay, you can choose their allocation size given volume label okay, let's say storage pool one right there we go next, create the go through formatting it will do the rest pretty quickly. Okay, closed hand, if we go, here we now have the with 10 GB obviously we haven't got 10 GB of real hard disk space in there because it assuming will keep adding deaths on it. Just be careful okay what it says over their is not reality. Okay if you had done the original version. McAllister scaled back the okay if we journalists detach this virtual desk okay which is also a nice idea okay hand delete the virtual desk at the cinema residency you have 1.5 GB delete virtual desk okay, so that I will add that delete okay this quickly back there if it was simple. If it was fixed okay the size maximum size again nine GB you would literally have it as long okay when we get to the next stage okay grilling the disc.

Okay, next role in the okay delegate same is quite quick, this time okay percent allocated hundred percent okay, so here we go. It's now a disk drive that literally is reality, what it says over here is what you actually have arm. Hopefully this has helped arm watching

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