Windows Server 2012r2 – Create Striped, Mirrored and Raid-5 Volumes Video Tutorial

Windows Server 2012r2 - Create Striped, Mirrored and Raid-5 Volumes Video Tutorial

  Creating striped, mirrored, spanned and Raid-5 volumes in Windows Server 2012 R2 is very easy. Although hardware based versions of these systems are usually ideal, the software version is highly sophisticated and does an excellent job of creating storage that has backup and redundancy solutions.  
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Hello again, and welcome back. This video has a look at how to create either a simple volume of spam volume/volume volume or a basically okay as spam volume is like combining multiple just to give you one slightly bigger, from okay simple volume. It is like a normal desk okay, you just created to strive okay. You select this disconcerting delay drive the okay are straight volume is good for faster reading is basically putting the data across its like striping the first sector is a in disc one. The next sector is in this to of concept okay handed basically is able to read multiple just the same time feeling faster read access okay by have a straight man volume. Basically, it's like having a backup copy of it where you are having arm. This raises the forging drivers a demo of your armour.

Basically, if you want a copy have a copy of its own get one disk fails, you have a copy again. You can go to the next disc and its, you are using, that the discs are like a backup polite version of RAID five, you basically need a minimum of three desk to go in the group okay for the others. You need a minimum of one for a simple and others were to enter a finest three I get so actually ratio. Create RAID five. There are all fairly similar like. The principle is very similar okay. Whether you if you choose America volume okay basically having one volume error need to discover my case the second one is the mirror every here were doing the more competent one which is RAID 5000 more resilient in terms are found fault tolerance. For example, if one of these. This failed okay you'd still be happily running everything like that. SO got a new RAID volume okay with having to add other discs in their okay and basically you can change the manner size for each disc using that okay maximum available space.

Okay, is that total volume size in megabytes is 7932. It's a little bit less than the total size, but that's because our farm, shall we say backup techniques okay and then given a drive letter. Okay, I could mount an MP and give us folder okay or don't give a traveller's okay formatted okay choices NTFS or the resilient filesystem allegations by the choose depending on the way your file server is setup okay given a new name. Make a great five okay quick format. It makes a lot quicker. Make a are you could offer format okay phone call in question. If you use that okay, I know, man. What campaign. It gives you basically the civil warning over here saying that if any of these things were usable polymer okay and then basically it will go through it cable format faded off seem geared it will take some time, just very quickly.

One thing I actually forget how do we actually get here a very simple open up several manager okay and then basically tools of the top hand computer management okay and then disk management okay which is exactly what we had over here. Okay, that does take time for it to sink up once is finishing will be ready and then you could go over here once it's ready and start using it straight away like a palm. Hopefully has helped arm. Thanks for watching

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