Windows Server 2016 & 2012 R2 – Create Secondary DNS Zone and enable zone transfer replication VIDEO TUTORIAL

Windows Server 2016 & 2012 R2 - Create Secondary DNS Zone and enable zone transfer replication VIDEO TUTORIAL

  In a previous video we showed how to setup a DNS server and also have it integrated into Active Directory. This video shows how to enable load balancing and also a backup/failover dns server. We also show how to enable zone replication so that the contents of the primary DNS server are automatically transferred to our secondary DNS server.  

Please watch this video to see how to do the above (for the translation, click on the subtitle in a video on YouTube, and then click the settings button and language, as in this picture):


Transcript (machine generated so it contains errors)
Hello the data you this video shows you how to add a secondary zone in windows server to the 16 or windows server 2012 R2 12 et cetera I get the concept of this is you already have an active directory we say domain setup and a DNS primary DNS shall we say server setup over their okay and that is fully configured you have enable zone transfers we shall say that okay but for now okay well done this is our second server LSA okay and overhear what we have done we basically gone to Ambrose and features a site in the previous video and then just selected the DNS of the show you at a DNS server installed and as click click click next and then installs DNS when you then need to do is click on tools open up DNS that brings us to our DNS manager and now we need to do is create a new zone that this new zone is gonna be exactly the same name as the other zones are basically the exact molecular backup shall we say can I come DNS server thus.

Concept or it can be used to load balance jacket so there we go secondary zone click next and then given the name as one we had in the previous one for the previous one we actually are around's internal test one window is into local click next okay and overhear what you're doing is basically stating what is IP address of the primary master okay wait getting or you can type a fully qualified domain name or the next okay in this case with this type an IP address is easier for centre. But the click finish and now what will happen is where overhear and that automatically then get updated you will see how happens in the other several shells are small to okay here we are on our primary DNS server that is having active directory okay what we do is basically just click on the server a year ago to the zone that we want to shall we say replicate okay that is, the properties ensure that zone transfers are set up so you must click this button you could say to any server or you can specify to which servers only.

In this case we have chosen only that one that each of previously and then when Amazon update that's happening within your DNS you want you can click here notify that notifies the server like update itself okay now the main point that is also important is that how do we actually have this thing setup we have it as secure only and is based within active directory replication is to all DNS servers in the domain okay so the other server is linked up within this domain and that's why they all work together authenticated and replication can take place using a video bar zone with all its records and if were now in our secondary server as you can see this got the saying records as well you can earn add the other zones that is finest on are major issues just keep adding zones whatever zone primary server has and then click allow replication and it happens so hopefully this video is felt thanks for watching

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